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Church History

Church History

In February 1972, during the visit of Late Rt. Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasius Episcopa, the idea of forming a Mar Thoma Prayer group was conceived.

On 22nd September 1972 the Oman Mar Thoma Prayer Group was formed with 17 members under the leadership of late Rev. M M Thomas, the then Vicar of Dubai Parish status by a Kalpana dated 6th March 1975 from the then Suffragan Metropolitian, late Most Rev. Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma.


  1. 22-September - Oman Mar Thoma Prayer group formed - Rev. M M Thomas - Dubai Parish Vicar

  2. 18-April - Audience given by HM Sultan Qaboos Bin Said - Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma Suffragon Metropolitan

  3. 06-March - Elevated to Oman Mar Thoma Parish - Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma Suffragon Metropolitan
    12-July - Parish was inaugurated - Rev. Mathew Varghese- First Vicar

  4. Parsonage Built - Ruwi Complex

  5. August - Asst. Vicar Joined
    11-Dec - English Service started every 2nd Friday

  6. June - Ghala PCO Sunday Service Started

  7. 01-April - Sohar Prayer Group Recognised as Chapel

  8. New Parsonage Dedication- Ruwi - H.G. Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan.

  9. 16-April - St. Thomas Church in Oman -Foundation stone Laying

  10. 10-Feb - St. Thomas Church in Oman -Dedication

  11. September - Navathy of the Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar Thoma

  12. 05-October - Regular English Holy Communion started - Every Friday - Chapel

Church Objectives

Rearing the next generation in a Christian atmosphere from their early childhood.
Addressing the pressing needs of the poor and the downtrodden people
Retaining them on firm Christian faith through the subsequent stages of youth, parenthood and old age.
Encouraging members to lead a life bearing witness to Christian teachings good enough for people belonging to other denominations to emulate for the common good of the society.

Our Vicars

Rev. Sajan Varghese , Vicar

Home Parish Mat Thoma Cheriya Pally , Pallipadu
Parents Late:Mr. K.P. Varghese & Late Mrs. Susan Varghese
Educational Qualification Bsc,BD, MTH
Ordination as Deacon 04.06.1984
Ordination as Kassesa 11.06.1984
Born on 01 November

Parishes served 

Mumbai Dombivily Ebenezer,Mumbai Colaba ,SalemVadakkumcherry Hermon,Peechi St .Thomas,Thanippadam Salem,Kidangannur St Thomas, Mezhuveli  Salem,Budhanur St Paul’s,Adoor Immanuel ,Bangalore Thumkur  St John’s,Bangalore Marathahally St Thomas,Bangalore Rajajinagar Trinity ,West Kallada Mar Thoma, West Kallada Immanuel,Mundakayam Bethel, Thalachira Salem,Mukhathala Marthoma




Family Details
Wife  Elsy Sajan Varghese(Laila)
Parents Mr. Samuel Thomas & Late:Mrs Elizabeth Sameuel
William Sajan Varghese (Vivek)          
Late Wesley Sajan Varghese ( Ashish) 


Rev. Binu Thomas, Assistant Vicar

Home Parish Immanuvel Mar Thoma Church, Cherinad
Parents Mr. K. C. Thomas & Mrs Alice Thomas
Educational Qualification B'Com, BD.
Ordination as Deacon 18.07.2009
Ordination as Kassesa 06.08.2009
Born on 08 January

Parishes served 


Family Details
Wife Seema Thomas
Parents Mr. C. G Thomas & Mrs Mariamma Thomas
Daughter Evelyn Elza Binu
Son Ethan Thomas Binu


Kaisthana Samithi

Mar Thoma Church in Oman
Office Bearers & Kaisthana Samithi Members for the Year 2022-2023
S.No. Designation Name of the Person Mobile Email
  Office Bearers      
1 President  Rev. Sajan Varghese 99437492
2 Vice President  Rev. Binu Thomas 92945632
3 Lay Vice President  Mr. P.M. Samuel 93394444
4 Trustee -Finance  Mr. Shajimon C . Samuel 938528823
5 Trustee -Accounts  Mr. Biju M. Mathew 99015658
6 Secretary  Mr. Binu Philip 96309419
7 Lay Mnistrant  Mr. C. A. Thomas 93491279
8 Lay Mnistrant  Mr. Varghese Mathew 99760738
  Representatives to Sabha Prathinithi Mandalam      
1 Sabha Pratinidhi Mandalam Member  Mr. Mathew Varghese (Shaji) 96096337
2 Sabha Pratinidhi Mandalam Member  Mrs. Anie Abraham Alex 96962889
  Representatives to Sabha Diocesan Assembly      
1 Diocesan Assembly Member  Mr. Mathew Samuel 92880560
2 Diocesan Assembly Member  Mr. Tijo Abraham 92204868
3 Diocesan Assembly Member  Mrs. Elsy Mathew 95925258
  Representatives From Area Prayer Group    
1 Darsait  Mr. Abraham Varghese 98242511
2 Hamariya Carmel  Mr. Thomas Mathew(Gigi) 99327881
3 Hamariya Immanuvel  Mr.Thomas Beji 98705650
4 MSQ- Shatti al Qurum  Mr. Saji M.S 96463840
5 Mumtaz  Mr. John P. Achankunju 95500460
6 Muscat- Muttrah  Mr. Jinu Sam John 99035649
7 Pallibhagam  Mr.John Cherian 95034520
8 Ruwi Walja  Mr. Regi Abraham 99743074
9 Wadi Kabir Ebenezer  Mr. Anil Mathew 91073842
10 Wadi Kabir Bethel  Mr. Jogy Thomas 99364112
11 Wadi Kabir Zion  Mr. Jerry P. Ninan 99440891
  Representatives From Organisations      
1 Sunday School  Mrs. Anu B. Mathew 99574517
2 Yuvajana Sakhyam  Mr.Jijin George 94241495
3 Sevika Sangham  Mrs. Daisy Thomas 95784051
4 Edavaka Mission  Mr. Saji John 99844535
5 Church Choir  Mr. Biji M Varghese 99858398
6 English Service  Mr. Tonny George Alexander 99320830
  St Thomas Church Committee    
1 Chairman  Mr. Thomas Thomas 98289398
2 Member  Mr. Santhosh Kovoor 99553381
3 Member  Mr. Prakash John Vaidyan 98050375
4 Parsonage Project Committee Convener  Mr. Mathew Pulipra Mathai 95334730
1 Auditor  Mr. Roy Kochummen 99206988
2 Auditor  Mr. Thomas John 93613375

Our Diocesion Bishop

Rt. Rev. Dr. Euyakim Mar Coorilos Episcopa

Parents Kunnamkulam Cheeranveettil Itty Many Ittyachenkunju and Saramma
Date of Birth 11/25/1951
Ordained as Deacon 04/29/1978
Ordained as Kasseessa 05/16/1978
Ordained as Ramban 11/04/1989
Consecrated as Episcopa 12/09/1989

Rt. Rev. Dr. Euyakim Mar Coorilos (Rev. Euyakim I Cheeran) was born on 25th November 1951 as the son of Sri Ittimani Ittyachan Kunju and Smt. Saramma of Cheeranveedu of Kunnamkulam Arthat Mar Thoma Parish. He completed school education in CMS LP School and Erumapetty Govt. High School. He completed Predegree from SH College, Thevara and BSc (special) MSc degrees from Christ College, Irinjalakuda. He joined Kottayam Mar Thoma Vaideeka Seminary for theological studies after having submitted himself for the service of the Lord through the Church. He was ordained Semmas on 29th April 1978 and Kasessa on 16th May. He served as Asst Vicar of Kottayam Jerusalem and as Vicar of Jalahalli, Thiruvarpu, Palarivattom, Mumbai, Kolaba and in US Staten Island, Washington, Philadelphia Bethel, Baltimore and Florida Parishes.

Rev. Euyakim I Cheeran was consecrated as Ramban on 4th November 1989 and as Euyakim Mar Coorilos Episcopa on 9th December 1989. Life of devotion, simple presentation of the gospel, realization of the ministry of the Church through action projects of modern vision, urge for special justice, committed propagation of gospel, ability to go forward steadfastly and hopefully without getting upset at the face of opposition, care and love for the poor and punctuality are the special qualities of his character. He takes special care to keep up personal relationships. Love and care for children, youths and elders make him endeared to all.

Thirumeni gave leadership to establish Ashabhavan at Pathanapuram, Pidavoor for the rehabilitation of handicapped children. Deepthi Balika Bhavan Pallippad was started to provide good education and mental and spiritual development of the children of poor fishermen. Jyothis, Mavelikkara, started to help mentally retarded children is progressing. The newly constructed Youth Centre at Adoor for Yuvajana Sakhyam is the realisation of his vision. As one who is devoted to a life of meditation he gave leadership for the construction of Easo Mar Timotheos Memorial Meditation Centre attached to Adoor Hermon Aramana meant for prayer, meditation and study. Gospel work among Railway porters was started as part of Sapthathy Mission. Gospel work was started at Sathyawadi and Ghatgheswar .In connection with the birthday of Alexander Mar Thoma Kalahandi Mission in Orissa was started. He gave leadership to start Half way Home in Ranni in connection with the birthday of The Metropolitan. Deepam Balika Bhavan for poor Dalit Girls was started at Mekozhoor.

It is Thirumeni’s lifestyle to respond strongly against social evils. He was the patron of Pathanathitta District Prohibition Committee which was organized to eradicate drinking as a social evil. He gave laudable leadership to Mar Thoma Yuvajana Sakhyam as President, Sunday School Samajam as President, Chengannur Christian College as Manager and Kattanam Mission Hospital as Chairman. He also led effectively the Dayara Movement, Sanyasini Samooham, Voluntary Evangelists Association, Suvisesha Sevika Sanghom, Kozhencherry St. Thoma College and Cherukole ITC. He served Adoor-Mavelikkara, Ranni-Nilackal, North America-Europe and Kottayam – Kochi Dioceses. When he was in-charge of North America- Europe he served as the Executive Committee member of North America NCCA.

The life of prayer and style of work of Easow Mar Themotheos Episcopa has influenced Euyakim Thirumeni very much. He is able to draw the people closer to God by imparting Christ Centered Pure Gospel in simple language. He takes special care to lead the youths to a live relation with Jesus and total submission.

Oorsalem Aramana
110KV Sub Station Road, Prashanthi Nagar,
Kottarakkara 691 506, India
PHONE : +914742450044, +914742455044, +914742452400

Our previouse Vicars

1988 – 1991 Rev. Chacko P George
1990 – 1992 Late Rev. Abraham Lincoln
1991 – 1994 Rev. Issac George
1992 – 1995 Rev. Dr. V E Varghese
1994 – 1997 Rev. Thomas Mathew
1995 - 1998 Rev. Zachariah Varghese
1997 - 2000 Rev. Lal Cherian
1998 – 2001 Rev. C K Titus
2000 - 2003 Rev. Johnson Mathew
2001 - 2004 Rev. M.K Jacob
2003 - 2006 Rev. Danes B Oommen
2004 - 2007 Rev. Roy Thomas
2006 - 2009 Rev. Issac G. Varghese
2007 - 2010 Rev. T.P. Mathew
2009 - 2011 Rev.Jacob Paul
2010 - 2013 Rev. Mathew P. Thomas
2013 - 2015 Rev. Sunil Daniel
2014 - 2016 Rev. Abraham Thomas
2015 -2018 Rev. Jackson Joseph
2017-2020 Rev. Johnson Varghese
2018-2021 Rev. K. Mathew

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